Unsecure WiFi

Put an access point in your office and you’ll have a Wi-Fi hotspot in no time. Then along come all these devices that want to connect – smartphones and tablets belonging to your employees, laptops brought in by visitors. Do you know where those devices have been? And if your hotspot provides full access to your corporate network, that could mean access to more data than you intended. If you don’t protect your wireless network, it can open the door to threats.


Sophos makes it easy to deploy and manage secure wireless networks.

  • Install secure wireless access points in seconds.
  • Enforce your standard network security policies across your wireless network.
  • Block undesirable websites and unsecure mobile devices.
  • Set up separate hotspots with different policies for different groups, with as much or as little network access as you want.


Download our white paper on Wireless Security for Small & Medium Businesses


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