Backup Solutions Houston

Without your data, you wouldn’t have a business. Even partial data loss can mean huge repercussions for businesses of any size. PennComp specializes in data backup solutions you can count on.


Backup Solutions Houston

The Cost of IT Data Loss

PennComp knows that the loss of a day, a week, a month or years in records and transactions could absolutely cripple your company beyond repair.

On average, small businesses lose between $84,000 and $108,000 for every hour of IT system downtime, according to estimates from studies and surveys performed by IT industry analyst firms. Further, financial/professional services, telecommunications, manufacturing, and energy lead the list of industries with a high rate of revenue loss during IT downtime.

Our Data Backup Solutions Approach

PennComp’s six-part methodology to backup and disaster recovery includes:

1. Your Backup Schedule

The frequency of your backups are critical. If your data is only backed up once a month, how would you recover from a data loss that happens shortly before the next scheduled backup? Could you afford to lose weeks’ worth of data?

2. Your Business Continuity Plan

You may have backups on hand for your data, but do you have the means to get your business back in full operation in a disaster recovery situation and in a timely manner to minimize downtime costs?

3. Your 3-2-1 Plan

For your data to be fully redundant and secured, you should have three copies of your data, in two different formats, with one kept offsite. What is the matrix for your organization?

4. Your RTO & RPO

These metrics are a critical part of your business continuity plan. Your Recovery Time Objective is how long you can afford to be down before you reach critical levels that are hard to recover from. Your Recovery Point Objective indicates the age of recovery your business can tolerate, meaning how old can the backed up information be before it loses value?

5. Your Data Accessibility

Do you have a process in place to seamlessly access your backups to restore should a loss in data occur? Where are they kept and how long will it take to obtain what you need to recover? Our solutions can make your data accessible from anywhere.

6. Your Backup Audit Strategy

It’s not enough to have a backup strategy – you need periodic auditing to ensure it actually works in the event of a disaster.

The PennComp Data Backup Solutions Difference

PennComp takes a methodical, proactive approach to data backup solutions that draws upon years of collective business and IT experience, including EOS Traction, Lean, and Six Sigma methodologies.

That means you can place your confidence in PennComp to build a data backup plan that has you covered.


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