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We take pride in crafting finest hybrid cloud computing solution in Houston.

Cloud Hosting in Houston anytime, anywhere

If your business is growing global, having a more remote or mobile workforce and growing progressively more connected, then we have the apt solution to empower you to service the global accelerating demands.

With our cloud hosting services in Houston, we enable data access anytime, anywhere. If you are in the market and understand the potential of cloud computing to accelerate your business, you have come to the right place.

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They are betting it all on cloud, you should too

We offer feature-rich, fully customizable management panel to facilitate front and back end access to your server. If your business needs more, we can enable full vCenter access. We can tailor configurations for your business needs and guarantee 99.95% availability in server uptime, network connectivity, power and cooling.

Retention and frequency are not a problem anymore as VMware VPS offers managed snapshots and backups. All we need to deploy your solution are your specific parameters. With those, your Linux and Windows servers can be deployed instantly.

Moving a datacentre is no longer a hassle with Cloud Computing Houston at your side!


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“PennComp is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach. We are guided by the precepts of customer service, professionalism, planning, and proficiency.”

Scott Young
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Scale up with security

The scalable nature of our cloud solutions assures businesses that cloud-based recovery plans can mitigate the damages from the very real threats that they encounter every day. With greater security threats, complicated security patch cycles and network issues to solve, in-house IT teams are stretched to capacity at most companies.

PennComp services can help alleviate this burden on your resources by freeing them up from routine maintenance tasks and schedules that can be automated or driven by an external team of experts for better efficiencies.

Your core resources are freed up to focus on creative problem solving for larger business problems.

Give your business the cloud edge

One size does not fit all when it comes to migrating to the cloud. We take pride in making cloud accessible for everyone. We want you to not just use cloud services but to fully understand its scope and how you can harness it for your business needs irrespective of size.

Private Cloud Houston

Primarily used by large enterprises, a private cloud enables cloud-computing resources for use by an individual business or organization, most likely located on on-premise servers or hosted by third-party providers. This network is only accessed by the company and cannot be accessed or used by anyone else.

Public Cloud Houston

Third-party cloud service providers offer on-demand computing resources, such as servers and storage over the Internet to enable public cloud services. In this model, all hardware, software and other infrastructure made available to your enterprise are owned and managed by the provider and you can access the services using unique accounts on a web browser. Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services

Hybrid Cloud Houston

(AWS) are examples of public cloud.Hybrid architecture makes use of the best of public and private cloud architecture to enable a complex environment that can share resources between data and applications from a vast array of sources. This type provides you with the most flexibility, greater deployment options, and can best optimize your current infrastructure.

Engage in one-to-one conversation with our tech experts and discuss the exact type of cloud deployment or cloud architecture most suited for your needs.

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“The global market potential of cloud computing is set to exceed $330 billion by 2020.”

Virtual server and physical server
hosting with VMWare

Virtualization can unlock true cost savings for your business by undercutting the need for extensive hardware and accelerating deployment. With virtualization you can cut up a single physical server into many virtual machines (VMs) with a hypervisor that separates the computing environment from the underlying hardware. Don’t risk performance lags or downtimes when running mission-critical applications or accessing data that needs to be always available.

Virtual servers can guarantee peace of mind in service performance as you get rid of the burden of managing your hardware and enable true cost savings from shared resources as you focus on business.
VMs offer easy mobility, can be allocated to many hosts at once (multi-tenant) and can be activated in seconds while physical servers take days. You don’t need extensive server infrastructures, as each VM can run its own OS and applications and provide you with greater service efficiency and cost-effectiveness that’s hard to match.

Cloud Computing Houston provides VMWare Virtual Servers in our always available infrastructure on hypervisors equipped with the latest VMWare virtualization platform. Our servers are efficiently load balanced for maximum stability and flawless performance.

Safe and efficient business communication

Cloud Computing Houston offers quick flexibility and scalability that is sorely required for businesses to sustain in an uncertain world. See what our clients have to say.

Client Speak

"When I pick up the phone and dial their help desk, a tech always picks up in a few seconds."

Tom Rathjen
CEO, Aloha Payroll

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Microsoft Exchange private email hosting
with Barracuda spam filtering

Expensive on-site email servers are a thing of the past. Hosted email solutions on the cloud are the way forward for businesses of all sizes as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are scalable and secure with guaranteed uptimes and most importantly, flexible pricing policies based on demand.

When you opt for email hosting with Cloud Computing Houston, we don’t just deliver volume.

We equip you with fully customizable tools to help with more personalized email creation, marketing that delivers results and industry-leading marketing and tracking metrics.

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    Comprehensive protection you can rely on (spam, viruses, phishing, inbound & outbound email threats and more)
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    Email filter rules that ensure maximum protection against outbound data leaks and user-friendly quarantine features
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    Get rid of spam and malware
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    Stop fraudulent emails to users
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    Analyze, manage, and report on the inbound and outbound email traffic patterns of Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or any SMTP email server and more.
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    Stop data leaks before they happen
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    Ensure protection against spear phishing attacks
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    Native (US-based) 24/7 Support

Are You Ready?

As Houston’s Cloud computing experts, we understand what your local business needs. We also know what your competitors have in their stable. We’ll take your business goals and create an IT-based pathway to take you to success in your objectives.

PennComp will guide your business into the future with world-class technology, robust data protection, and provable productivity tools.

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