Energy Industry

A nuanced approach to IT outsourcing for the Houston energy industry.


Expert IT Outsourcing for Energy

Providing IT outsourcing services in the energy capital of the world for more than 35 years, PennComp is well versed in technology solutions for this dynamic sector. We understand the tools of the trade and the complexities that can arise when analyzing numerous pieces of data. Count on our experienced team of Houston IT support engineers for:

  • A long-term technology view that supports your energy or environmental operations
  • Responsive, consistent IT outsourcing for routine issues
  • Flexibility of support in an ever-changing market
  • Critical data backup and recovery of your exploration and production information
  • Ability to move quickly while correctly navigating new industry-based technology
  • Assistance in maintaining governmental compliance for normal and abnormal operations
  • Strategies to make the most of your technology investment
  • Improve office and field communication with virtual meetings and collaboration

Our experience with geology, land and production software like WolfePak LandPro, FlowCal, Global Shop solutions, Microsoft Dynamics and Petroware ensure our clients get the support they need to reach their operational goals.

Key Focus Areas

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    Threat Protection

    Defending your organization from external threats including those from the dark web by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities.

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    Technology Migration

    Engineering and implementing the migration of your infrastructure to current, proven technologies.

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    Customized Service Levels

    We are flexible. You only pay for what you need.

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    Annual Review

    Yearly technology assessment to review current position and to identify new objectives.

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    Using industry-proven methodologies to increase response times for your deliverables.

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    Oil and Gas

    Streamlining the technology process for improvements in efficiency, reducing capital expenditures.