Manufacturing & Distribution

IT outsourcing to help you keep your operational edge.


Expert IT Outsourcing for Manufacturing

Serving one of the nation’s leading manufacturing cities, PennComp has provided manufacturing IT outsourcing in Houston for more than 35 years. Our forward-thinking approach for manufacturers draws upon years of collective business and IT experience, including EOS Traction, Lean, and Six Sigma methodologies.  Regardless if you are in the manufacturing, construction or survey and inspection industries, rely on our experienced team for:

  • A long-term view toward technology that supports your manufacturing operations
  • Responsive day-to-day tech support and reduced downtime
  • Partnering with you to guide you through high-level IT decisions
  • Data backup and disaster recovery planning
  • Identify and understand how technology is used in your processes, looking for inefficiencies.

Our clients rely on our experience with ERP and inventory software to ensure their business is running smoothly. Whether it’s Epicor, Global Shop, Sage, NetSuite, AutoCAD, Bluebeam or Microsoft Dynamics, you can trust PennComp to help you maximize efficiencies while minimizing costs.

Key Focus Areas

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    Leveraging Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to maximize efficiencies from raw materials in, to finished good going out.

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    Stable Platforms

    Using the right technology to solve the problem reduces interruptions and downtime.

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    Affordable Migrations

    Engineering and implementing the migration of your infrastructure to cost-effective, proven technologies.

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    Using technology to increase efficiencies for your fabrication, engineering or industrial production projects.

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    Keep your team connected with organizational goals, no matter the type of building project.

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    Survey and Inspection

    Keeping your data stream moving quickly from the field to the office with a superior digital experience.