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Proactive IT Support in Houston

IT-related problems come about for everyone. When they do, you need support in your area fast. PennComp can provide dependable IT support solutions at competitive prices. We integrate ourselves into your business until we are as good as your IT department.

Working with PennComp gives you unrivaled access to a highly skilled team of IT experts. With over 280 years of skilled IT Support experience, our skill sets are deep. You can just as easily get access to a help desk support agent as you can to a Level 3 engineer.

When you need us, we are only a phone call or an email away from coming to your aid. With over 95% of tickets resolved in 24 hours, our performance is unmatched.

One goal: Fast response times with issues fixed the first time


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On-site IT Support in Houston

PennComp offers trustworthy IT consulting services for your requirements. We offer on-site server support, and other services like endpoint protection, cloud migration, and cybersecurity and network solutions. Our Houston support team will waste no time in coming to your side when you need on-premise support.

Our tech support allows us to rapidly identify and fix any problems that may arise. We have virtual expertize and human expertize to fix your physical and digital installations. When IT-related problems arise, a locally based IT support company helps prevent downtime. Once we resolve your issues, your productivity returns to normal, and business critical systems continue running. You run your business—we run your IT.

Use technology to achieve goals

Powerful technology enables SMBs to compete against much larger companies. We’ll help you achieve your goals.

Focus on your own growth

You have targets to meet and clients to please. Let us take care of your IT so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Achieve Employee Happiness

IT-related problems cause frustration among workers. Foster team harmony and productivity by reducing IT stress for your employees.

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Comprehensive IT Support Houston

Rapid Response

Powerful technology enables SMBs to compete against much larger companies. We’ll help you achieve your goals.

Infrastructure Monitoring

We will keep our eyes on your infrastructure 24/7 to ensure maximum availability.

Endpoint Protection

We use best-in-class technologies like ESET, TrendMicro, FortiNet and Cisco. Also 2FA/MFA implementations for Cisco Duo, Google and Microsoft for VPN, domain, email and application access.

Email Services

Get the best of Google, Microsoft 365 and Exchange to enhance your collaboration.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Get a robust backup and disaster recovery solution. We use top tools like Veeam and StorageCraft to keep your systems running.

Private Cloud Hosting Solutions

Get safe, scalable storage for your IT infrastructure. Our flexible solutions cater for offsite backups to protect your data.

Fast And Responsive IT Support for Houston

Virus Disposal

If a malicious threat had endangered your endpoint, your network could be at risk. Viruses put your business in danger and can also cause you to lose time, money, and brand standing. Don’t allow malware to disable your business and paralyze your future prospects.

If your computer’s performance has slowed down and is showing telltale signs of infection like unwanted pop-ups, call in the experts. PennComp can identify and dispose of viruses and malware before your network is infected.

Computer Network Repair

When time is not on your side, network repair becomes vital. If issues affect you such as dropped connections, sluggish network performance, and non-responsive printers, you need help immediately. If left unattended, minor problems can snowball into bigger ones quickly. Don’t allow your staff productivity to drop as it is the key to your business survival.

PennComp is the IT support company of choice in Houston. We will diagnose issues in your network and dispose of any threats so you can concentrate on serving your customers.

Data Recovery

Data is a valuable resource for any company. Losing your data is the number one threat that keeps business owners awake at night.

You can relax. PennComp’s crack data recovery team has helped countless firms in Houston after a data breach. It does not matter if your data loss came from a server problem, a database problem, or a compromised endpoint, we can perform a swift diagnostic to get back your assets.

Server Repair

Servers carry your most valuable assets in one place. Server failure can be a disaster for your company. PennComp can repair your server and offer maintenance and support.We also offer a diagnostic service which can establish if you have issues to be fixed ahead of time. We can also offer you a network monitoring and maintenance solution which ensures that your server is always in good health.

If your database gets corrupted by sudden power loss, we can help you with backups and recoveries immediately.

Network Security

Not a day goes by without hackers penetrating systems around the country. Malicious threat actors never sleep. Let us install zero trust architecture in your system to give you peace of mind. We can extinguish spyware, malware, ransomware and several other threats. Your network is your biggest asset, and it has never been at bigger risk as hackers become more sophisticated.

PennComp can offer the best network support and install robust safeguards. Contact a local team of IT experts that specializes in protecting companies in Houston against malicious threats.

Disaster Recovery

PennComp offers disaster recovery as a single service. We specialize in data reporting, storage, monitoring, restoration, testing, and so much more. If you ever suffer a data breach, we can offer immediate help. Our skilled team can recover data from any database or file system.

Help us work with your team to recover lost data, patch up systems, and repair programs. We can help you learn from these lessons to create a powerful backup and disaster recovery infrastructure for your needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our experts can help with cloud solutions, IT security, network security, and so much more. You can find us in your area quickly and easily. We are just a click or call away.

Managed IT Support for your industry

IT Support for Hospitality Businesses in Houston

Hospitality and entertainment are at the core of the Houston economy. Visitors to this desirable destination spend good money and deserve great services and amenities. In the competitive world of tourism, any drop in failure can lead to a loss of customers. PennComp understands that business critical systems in the hospitality sector are essential to keeping the supply of tourists well-served and happy.

Houston Medical IT Support

Patients who visit your practice can tell when things are not working well. Besides the front-end of IT-related patient care, there is another important element to consider—patient record keeping. This sensitive data is highly confidential and cannot be lost or corrupted. That’s why our managed IT services allows your doctors and administrative staff to concentrate on providing top level patient care before we take care of the rest.

IT Support for Houston Law Firms

With Houston being an emerging city for professional services and high-tech industries, legal services are in high demand. Law firms are waking up to the need to support a diversified and growing economy. As competition between law firms increases, the smartest law firms are leveraging technology to give themselves a competitive edge over rivals. If you need to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses, or ensure a robust document management system, count on us to provide the best service in town.

Smart Manufacturing IT Support for Houston

Houston is home to over 6,500 manufacturers. Many of these firms struggle to adapt to fast-emerging technologies. This is where PennComp can help. We assist companies of different sizes use technology to implement smart manufacturing processes that make you more profitable. We’ll give you high-level visibility of your business sections, and using business intelligence and other innovations, we will deliver new innovations, reduce costs, and improve quality.

IT Support for Media & Entertainment

Houston is an up-an-coming player in the media and entertainment world. The future of this industry is digital. When you turn to the experts at PennComp, you will get the benefit of flexibility, scalability, and security of the cloud. This will go a long way to helping you hit your targets and goals. Our managed services and powerful market presence allow you to grow your media and entertainment services quickly and at a reasonable price.

Consumer Goods Tech Support

Innovative technologies are changing the face of the consumer goods market. Big data is driving the evolution of many traditional applications. Tech-wise consumers are changing the way retail companies plan and execute supply chains. Consumer goods companies place a premium on efficiency and performance. PennComp provides the retail IT services your company needs to harmonize systems, reduce costs, and offer the experience consumers demand. From consumer goods to business applications and manufacturing processes to network security, PennComp will change your firm’s relationship with technology.

Financial Services IT Support

Professional services, financial services, and accounting firms have a clear set of technology needs. More than any other sector, your data must be private and protected. Leverage PennComp’s expert team to ensure your business-critical systems enjoy unparalleled uptime, and that they are secure and compliant. Reputation is important in the financial services industry. Do not allow a nasty incident to damage your brand image beyond repair. We can also optimize your business processes by removing menial, repetitive tasks as you require.

Are You Ready?

As Houston’s IT Support experts, we understand what your local business needs. We also know what your competitors have in their stable. We’ll take your business goals and create an IT-based pathway to take you to success in your objectives.

PennComp will guide your business into the future with world-class technology, robust data protection, and provable productivity tools.

Helpful Technology Resources for Houston

Internet Service Provider in Houston

Choosing the right internet service provider (ISP) can be a hard process. ISPs all have very different products such as technical support, access speed, and location. Common questions that need to be asked are how much capacity do you need, and how many IP addresses? SMBs need to also consider the downtime record of each ISP and the service level agreements they will enter. Cost is also an important factor.

Experiencing a Power Outage in Houston?

Businesses need power. This makes power outages most frustrating. PennComp can help you deal with IT issues, which result from intermittent power loss.

Power outages are one of the key reasons for loss of data. When an electrical surge happens, it can affect your entire IT infrastructure. This means that your endpoints, servers, and network portals are all at risk. Recurring and unstable power sources can put all this important equipment at risk.

So, what is the answer?
You can buy an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This important device allows your business-critical systems to continue to run during an outage. It can also allow you to shut down your infrastructure safely if the outage is set to be a lengthy one.

Technology and Education Intersect in Houston

Houston house four renowned universities with powerful capabilities in the STEM and information technology fields.

The University of
Houston–Downtown (UHD)

This public university is part of the University of Houston System. It features an impressive campus spanning 40 acres. It was established in 1974 and is the second-largest university in the Houston area with over 14,000 students. Among its 52 degree programs is a powerful STEM focus.

The University of Houston (UH)

This public research university has over 46,000 students. It is well-know for its top research activity, making it a critical part of the local scientific and technical community.

The institution conducts $150 million annually in research and operates over 40 research centers. Some top programs include space commercialization and exploration, biomedical sciences and engineering, energy and natural resources, and artificial intelligence.

Texas Southern University (TSU)

The university is one of the largest and most comprehensive institutions in the area, with over 11,000 students enrolled in over 100 academic programs

The university also acts as an important economic resource for Greater Houston, contributing over $500 million to the region’s economy, and being responsible for over 3,000 jobs.

William Marsh Rice University

This is a private research university in Houston, Texas. It is situated close to the world-class Texas Medical Center.

The university has a top level of research activity, mainly in the fields of artificial heart research, structural chemical analysis, space science, and nanotechnology.

Top Tips for Hiring a IT Support Provider in Houston

Companies come to where they have to decide between in-sourced IT solutions and outsourced IT solutions. With the power and flexibility that a Managed Service Provider can offer, it becomes a simple decision. Outsourcing your it takes out of your hands and places it firmly in the hands of professionals and experts. Should you go with an MSP, here are some questions you can ask:

The answer to this question has to be yes. If your MSP does not make your operations better by eliminating downtime, increasing productivity, and providing a range of solutions, then it is not worth the change. Don’t forget to think about how your operations could change in the event of a massive disruption like a data breach. Your MSP has to stand up for their service.

It’s important to speak to similar customers to yourself about the service they experienced. Did you MSP manage their expectations in terms of responsiveness and customer care? What about measurable improvements? Can the reference vouch for the impactful ways that the MSP improved their business operations?

Having help-desk support round the clock is essential. Most emergencies happen with no notice. Depending on your industry, it could be a non-negotiable that you receive 24/7 attention and responsiveness. For modern MSPs, constant customer uptime is not a nice-to-have, but a ticket into the game. Make sure you drive this point home.

To find the best Managed Service Providers in Houston, this question will help narrow down the options. With the power of data centers and cloud computing, enterprise collaboration tools are an essential part of business. These tools have to be functional and responsive at all times. There is no scenario in which it is acceptable to have long downtimes. With cloud computing power and high uptimes, businesses and can collaborate safely and with confidence.

Whatever pricing model your MSP uses understand what they charge per user or per service. Be sure to include clear pricing in your Service Level Agreement. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for volume discounts if they apply. If the pricing that you agree to does not appear on your statement at the end of the month, bring it up.

MSPs operate in a competitive environment. It is imperative that you receive the tools which will ensure that they satisfy you. Can your MSP give you Key Performance Indicators around items like your help desk average response times, ticket resolution times, percentage of issues resolved, and a range of others?

Regardless of who you hire, it is important to contact several reputable managed service providers in Houston. Sometimes you will see the quality gap immediately. Where it is not immediately clear, be sure to ask the hard questions listed above.

Why Choose Us

We are Up to Date

At PennComp we stay up to date with the rapid changes in technology. This allows us to solve your IT problems using the latest tools and best practices. We also have an eye on the future. This means you can carve out your competitive edge today and maintain it tomorrow. Our IT support professionals will not only repair existing networks, but they will develop future-proof solutions that are customized to you, which will help you reach your business goals.

Modern Expertize

Our IT support services are tuned into the knowledge base of the modern IT services company. We use the best of Lean and Six Sigma to give you the most efficient service which saves downtime and enhances your processes. Our company is a beacon for some of the brightest talents in the area. We put experienced IT engineers on your account so you can enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality service.

Excellent Service

We believe we are different from other IT support providers. We strive to create long lasting personal relationships based on trust and mutual value. We understand IT. We understand business. We see ourselves as an extension of your service offering. Our dedicated IT engineers will provide consistent service, personalized attention, and unmatched out-of-the-box thinking.

Client Speak

When I pick up the phone and dial their help desk, a tech always picks up in a few seconds.

Tom Rathjen
CEO, Aloha Payroll

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