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Our IT Services

Strategic IT

IT strategic projects have one goal: To match technology needs with business objectives. These projects must adapt to an ever-changing industry with evolving IT environment needs. Successful strategic projects are required to drive sustainable organizational advancement.

​PennComp emphasizes a collaborative approach that draws upon years of collective experience to develop the most cohesive, comprehensive, and seamless projects. This process consists of meeting with key business stakeholders to determine the organization’s most critical needs and how quickly the gap needs to be closed.

  • Our IT strategy process involves:
  • Business Strategy
  • Executive Requirements
  • End user needs/requirements
  • Policies, Practices, and Procedures
  • Software, Infrastructure, and Tools
  • Risk Identification and Risk Mitigation and Management

Whether your team is creating an initial business strategy or updating your existing one, the professionals at PennComp work with you to achieve your strategic goals. Contact us today to begin planning your IT future.

Project Management

A strong and proven project management methodology is the best approach to delivering high-quality IT projects. Adhering to a well-defined plan ensures the success of projects though agreed upon consistent milestones. The PennComp methodology guarantees effective management and administration of projects though four major phases:

  1. Project definition/requirements gathering

  2. Project plan

  3. Project management and control

  4. Project close

The PennComp Project Management Difference

PennComp understands the need for proactive, results-driven project management. We provide our clients with complete transparency by keeping them informed with the project’s progress, delivery issues, and project activities. Our team is prepared to tackle your most complex technology needs and assist you with implementation as we carefully guide your team through the changes required for success.

Infrastructure Management

Reliable business performance depends on constant monitoring and proactive maintenance of business systems. Our experienced engineers maintain and monitor from a central network operations center to ensure your business data is protected. We utilize proactive methodologies to deliver the solutions clients require to maintain a competitive edge and maximize productivity.

Our Maintenance and Monitoring Approach

PennComp sets aside a predetermined number of hours each month to maintain a client’s computing environment. These service hours provide a rapid response to minimize downtime and increase workplace efficiency.

Key features of a maintenance contract:

  • Cloud computing (public and private offerings)
  • On-Premise or co-located infrastructure
  • Site documentation and management of warranties and software
  • Continual monitoring and rectification of your network
  • Internet connectivity and firewall
  • Security monitoring
  • Data replication to public or private clouds
  • Daily backup monitoring and testing of efficacy of backups
  • Regular applicable updates of both system and program files
  • Server maintenance and load balancing of resources
  • Live help desk support (Level 2 and Level 3 engineers only)
  • Regular workstation maintenance
  • Anti-spam and Anti-malware monitoring/rectification
  • Standardized policies and procedures
  • UPS and backup disaster testing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Email and messaging services

With PennComp on your side, your company will maintain smooth, functioning systems with the backing of the most qualified engineers with up-to-date equipment. Let our specialists assist you by providing a personalized review of your company’s IT infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Unpredictable events such as fires, water leaks, or computer failures can happen. Every business is at risk of experiencing an incident that could prevent normal operations. Decreasing the likelihood of certain risks and unplanned events is imperative to sustaining normal business operations.


PennComp offers Disaster Recovery Management Services and will assist you in designing, developing, and implementing a plan to safeguard your data and technology solutions. Whether you choose to house your data at a data center or store your backup data onsite, PennComp will work with you to assess your risk tolerance and business needs.


When an unexpected disruption hits, IT disaster recovery is your top priority. No delays, no guesswork — you need a reliable solution that responds with speed and agility. You want the kind of IT disaster recovery expertise that will safeguard your key business data, maintain productivity, and limit the financial losses that result from an outage.


Our disaster recovery services speed recovery time by getting your IT infrastructure, business operations, and employees back up and running fast.

IT Recovery Services – Overcome disruptions with flexible, cost-effective IT disaster recovery solutions.

Rapid Recovery – Restore technology at the speed your business demands.

Work Area Recovery – Keep your employees productive and your business running in the event of a disaster or disruption with fully-equipped alternate work areas.

Data Center Protection

Many clients have opted to store and back up their data at a secure co-location, where critical systems and data are protected around the clock by a strict, military-grade security environment. The data center occupies a stand-alone, single tenant building for enhanced control and security. The facility employs multiple layers of physical and electronic security to provide the highest levels of deterrence and protection from unauthorized access and potential threats to your business. The comprehensive security environment consists of:

  • 24x7x365 onsite security guards
  • Video surveillance and recording
  • Biometric and card key security for access control
  • Intrusion detection systems available to prevent unauthorized electronic access
  • Fully redundant power, including multiple municipal feeds, transformers, generators, and UPS
  • Onsite redundant switching, router, and firewalls
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Reliable data storage and backup solutions
  • Reinforced physical structure with concrete bollards, steel-lined walls, bulletproof glass, and barbed wire fencing around the property’s perimeter